Call for Panel Proposals

25th International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE 2017)

Call for Panel Proposals

Christchurch, New Zealand

December 4-8 (Monday-Friday), 2017
Organized by the Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education
Hosted by the University of Canterbury, New Zealand

** Proposers (organisers) of each accepted panel can publish their final panel description (3 to 8 pages) in the Main Conference Proceedings of ICCE 2017 which will be indexed by Elsevier Bibliographic Databases (e.g., Scopus, Engineering Village and others). **

  1. Panels are interactive forums with the intention of drawing together the panellists and the audience to stimulate lively discussion or debate on specific issues that are of particular significance to the field of learning technology. Under normal circumstances, they are considered as part of the main conference program.
  2. Each panel is either one hour or one-and-a-half hour in length. The panel organizers are given the leeway to format their panels, subject to the following specifications:


    Moderator/ chair

    Panellists & discussants

    Time given for panellist-audience exchange

    1 hour


    3-4 panellists and (optional) 1 discussant.

    Minimum 20 minutes

    1 ½ hour


    3-5 panellists and (optional) 1-2 discussants. The total number of panellists and (if any) discussant(s) is capped at 6.

    Minimum 30 minutes

    It is acceptable for the panel chair to also serve as a panellist but this is not a requirement.
    Each panel must comprise panellists/discussant(s) from at least three (3) different countries or territories.

  3. Interested proposers should prepare and submit panel proposals according to the proposal template. The template consists of two sections. Section A provides basic information on the proposed panel. Section B is a full panel description written in the format similar to a conference paper (up to 3 pages). Before submitting a panel proposal, the proposer(s) is/are expected to invite all the proposed panel members (including the chair, the panellists and the discussants (if applicable)) and get their in-principle agreements to register for and attend ICCE, and serve as a panel member.
  4. A quality proposal should comprise a concise overall focus/theme (vague topics such as “the general trend of … [a particular research area]” are not favourable) with its potential significance/contribution to research in and/or practice of technology-enhanced learning being clearly stated. In addition, the planned presentations made by individual panellists (as reflected in the proposal) should collectively and coherently contribute towards the overall theme.
  5. Each panel proposal will be reviewed by three reviewers. As an accepted panel will be given a one-hour or a one-and-a-half-hour slot at the main conference, the acceptance benchmark should equally, if not more stringent than those of the long papers. The IPC reserves the right to reject panel proposals that do not meet the requirements or quality benchmark.
  6. The panel members of accepted panels are required to revise Section B (the panel description) of the proposals to address the issues raised by the reviewers. They are allowed to extend the 3-page description to a maximum of 8 pages. The panel description will be published in the conference proceedings. Please use this template for the camera-ready document.
  7. All the panel members (including the chair, the panellists and the discussants) must register for ICCE participation. Each scholar can participate in no more than two (2) ICCE panels within the same year.
  8. The panel chair may replace panel member(s) for a valid reason (e.g., a previously committed panel member cancels his/her ICCE conference trip) after the panel proposal is approved. Under such circumstances, the panel chair/facilitator shall notify the Panel Coordination Co-Chairs the first time with the justification on the suitability of the replacement member being given.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for submission of applications: July 15, 2017
  • Notification to proposers: August 1, 2017


Questions related to the panel proposals should be addressed to the Panel Coordination Co-Chairs:
Chair: Morris JONG, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (email: [email protected])
Co-Chair: Maiga CHANG, Athabasca University, Canada (email: [email protected])