Welcome Reception


  • Mihi (Māori formal welcome) – University of Canterbury Assistant Vice Chancellor, Liz Brown
  • Welcome – Local Co-Chair, Moffat Mathews
  • MYG (Samoan Cultural Group)
  • Karakia – Liz Brown
  • Drinks & Canapés


This group is called M.Y.G which stands for Mapusaga Youth Group. The word Mapusaga refers to a place and in this context, the youth is a place where they are able to fellowship with one another and create a sense of belonging.

This group of young, talented individuals are invested in embracing and promoting the Samoan culture through performance aspects. A group made up of those born outside of Samoa highlight the roots that have been embedded into them by their families.

They have done performances around town showcasing not just their group, but also highlighting the Samoan community here in Christchurch. They all grew up together through our Samoan Congregational Christian (EFKS) Church, where they have performed alongside our youth group who do regular performances within our own church and across the South Island.

When watching MYG, you can expect grace and elegance through the girls movements, energy and up-beat tempo from the boys, but more importantly, you can expect a purpose, and that is to portray our beautiful island of Samoa to everyone.

This group was created so that these individuals can represent themselves and their families, as well as share what Samoa has to offer. It also gives one another a different perspective on what the culture is like in Samoa. We encourage others to get in touch with not just their own culture, but other cultures too as we are all one. To be proud of who we are and to embrace the beauty of our cultures.

Karakia mō te kai

Nau mai ngā hua o te ngahere,
o te whenua, o te wai tai,
o te wai māori, hei oranga mō ō mātou tinana.



Welcome the gifts of food,
from the sacred forests, from the land,
from the sea, from the fresh waters,
for the goodness of our bodies.