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Jul. 15, 2020

APSCE is not associated in anyway with WASET-ICCE conference series

In recent years, APSCE has been noticing the existence of an organization—WASET. It is the organizer of another annual conference series called the International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE). The next WASET-ICCE will be held in New York City from April 22 to 23, 2021 (https://waset.org/computers-in-education-conference-in-april-2021-in-new-york).

Please be informed that APSCE is not associated in anyway with the aforesaid organization or conference. If you have any queries about APSCE's ICCE, please contact us directly for further clarification. You are also advised to visit APSCE's website (http://www.apsce.net/) for the latest updates on ICCE related matters, including the URLs to the official APSCE-ICCE websites.

Best regards,
Tanja Mitrovic
President of APSCE