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Mar. 02, 2021

APSCE Webinar Series X: Panel on STEM Education in K-12: An International Perspective

Chair: Siu Cheung KONG (Hong Kong)
Panelists: Florence SULLIVAN (USA), Morris Siu-Yung JONG (Hong Kong), Ting-Chia HSU (Taiwan), Timothy Ter Ming TAN (Singapore)
Curated by: APSCE CTE&STEM SIG (S11)

Time: 12 March 2021 (Friday) - 09:30 to 10:45 (GMT+8)

FREE Registration (due 10 March): http://bit.ly/apscewebinar10

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education) education is an important agenda in K-12 schools in the 21st century, for developing young students withproblem solving ability and digital creativity to meet challenges in the digitalized society. The successful implementation of STEM education in K-12 schools needs a holistic plan with coherent strategies in the aspects of curriculum development, teacher development, and parental education. This webinar serves as a platform to provide an international perspective on these important aspects for implementing STEM education in K-12. Speakers from different countries/regions will share insights of the major practices, existing challenges and future plans for implementing STEM education in K-12 schools in their own countries/regions. Discussions will focus on the critical issues for accommodating needs of K-12 schools for suitable curriculum integration to deliver STEM education across different grades; professional development for teachers to engage students in STEM education in school; and educational campaigns for parents to support students’ engagement in STEM education outside school.