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Mar. 06, 2022

APSCE Webinar: Sustainable Learning Analytics in the Digital Age

Speakers: Prof. Stephen Yang (National Central University, Taiwan)

Moderator: Prof. Ramkumar Rajendran (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India)

Curated by APSCE Learning Analytics & Educational Data Mining SIG
Date: 6 April 2022 (Wednesday)
Time: 10:30-11:30 (GMT+8)

FREE Registration (due 4 April): https://apsce.net/webinar


As we strive to develop techniques in the digital age, we also need to reflect appropriately on the impact of ethical and social change on learning analytics. How to guide stakeholders to meet the challenges of sustainable learning analytics from the technical, social and educational aspects? How to incorporate ethical considerations such as equality, fairness, trust, transparency, and safety in the design stage?

Fairness means that learning analytics should produce fair results. Transparency refers to explaining learning analytics and adjusting data transparency according to the differences of stakeholders. Trust goes hand in hand with transparency in decision-making. Still, whether the decisions for learning analytics are fair and trustworthy remains an ethical issue. We still need to be concerned about human behavior and social values, such as respecting privacy, providing equal opportunities, and accountability.