Extended Summary Proceedings

Full Extended Summary Proceedings  
Paper Title Authors
C1: Artificial Intelligence in Education/Intelligent Tutoring System (AIED/ITS) and Adaptive Learning
A Taxonomy of Minecraft Activities for STEM H. Chad LANE, Sherry YI, Brian GUERRERO and Neil COMINS
C2: Computer-supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) and Learning Sciences
Learning to Think Critically: Technologies for Debiasing Jürgen BUDER
Functions of Cognitive Group Awareness Tools Daniel BODEMER
Investigation on the shared mental model and team performance of teacher design team for technology integration in education Chunli WANG, Haifeng XING and Xiaoqing GU
C3: Advanced Learning Technologies (ALT), Learning Analytics and Digital Infrastructure
Authentic Learning in a Technology-Rich Classroom: Innovative Education in the Classroom Kaushal Kumar BHAGAT and Jonathan Michael SPECTOR
The Impact of Analytics Within the Institutions of Higher Education in New Zealand Hamidreza MAHROEIAN, Ben DANIEL, Russell BUTSON and Vijay MALLAN
Analysis of Students’ Peer Assessment Processes Izumi HORIKOSHI and Yasuhisa TAMURA
C4: Classroom, Ubiquitous, and Mobile Technologies Enhanced Learning (CUMTEL)
Supporting Face-to-Face Class with Mobile Device Yoshiaki HADA
C5: Digital Game and Digital Toy Enhanced Learning and Society (GTEL&S)
Exploring the Relationship between Gameplay Self-efficacy and Anxiety when Playing the Puzzle Game Jon-Chao HONG, Ming-Yueh HWANG and Kai-Hsin TAI
Effect of immersive digital gaming experience on elementary students’ L2 learning Qiang MIAO, Jie Chi YANG and Hsing-Chin LEE
Exploring the Effects of Interactive Game with Situational Animation to Facilitate Primary Students in Learning Nature and Life Science Shu-Yuan TAO, Yi-Syuan SIE and Mei-Jia TSAI
C7: Practice-driven Research, Teacher Professional Development and Policy of ICT in Education (PTP)
Measuring stress in doctoral research: a case for reality mining across psychological, physiological and environmental dimensions Russell BUTSON