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C1: Artificial Intelligence in Education/Intelligent Tutoring System (AIED/ITS) and Adaptive Learning
Investigating the effects of Cognitive and Metacognitive Scaffolding on Learners using a Learning by Teaching Environment Cristina Dumdumaya, Michelle Banawan, Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Amy Ogan, Evelyn Yarzebinski and Noburo Matsuda
Learning Arithmetic Word Problem Structure with a Picture Combination Application in Kindergarten Pedro Gabriel, Tsukasa Hirashima, Yusuke Hayashi and Kazumasa Maeda
Framework for Building a Thinking Processes Analysis Support System: A Case Study of Belief Conflict Thinking Processes Yuki Hayashi, Kazuhisa Seta and Mitsuru Ikeda
Usability and Learning Effect Evaluations of an Electrical Note-Taking Support System with Speech Processing Technologies Hiromitsu Nishizaki and Yosuke Narita
A Student Placement Predictor for Programming Class Using Classes Attitude, Psychological Scale, and Code Metrics. Ryosuke Ishizue, Kazunori Sakamoto, Hironori Washizaki and Yoshiaki Fukazawa
Understanding Support System for Causal Relationship in Historical Learning Tomoko Kojiri, Fumito Nate and Keitaro Tokutake
Extraction of Relationships between Learners' Physiological Information and Learners' Mental States by Machine Learning Yoshimasa Tawatsuji, Tatsuro Uno, Keita Okazaki, Siyuan Fang and Tatsunori Matsui
Predicting Student Carefulness within an Educational Game for Physics using Support Vector Machines Michelle Banawan, Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo and Juan Miguel Andres
GPT: A Tutor for Geometry Proving Roscoe Nealle Alicbusan, Laurence Nicholas Foz, Paolo Vittorio Merle, Ethel Chua Joy Ong and Minie Rose Lapinid
Inquiry-based Support System to Improve Intention Sharing Skills Natsumi Mori, Yuki Hayashi and Kazuhisa Seta
A Tool for data acquisition of thinking processes through writing Wasan Na Chai, Taneth Ruangrajitpakorn and Thepchai Supnithi
An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Identifying Skill Relationship Tak-Lam Wong, Yuen Tak Yu, Chung Keung Poon, Haoran Xie,Fu Lee Wang and Chung Man Tang
Development of a System to Construct Explanation for Physics Phenomenon through Thought Experiment Miki Matsumuro, Kazuhisa Miwa and Yuiko Tombe
Towards a Virtual Peer to Write Stories with Children Han Gabriel Chua, Geraldine Elaine Cu, Chester Paul Ibarrientos, Moira Denise Paguiligan and Ethel Ong
Prospects in Modeling Reader's Affect based on EEG Signals Kristine Kalaw, Ethel Ong and Judith Azcarraga
Proposal of an Intelligent Tutoring System for Procedural Learning with Context-aware Dialogue Jose Paladines and Jaime Ramirez
Improvement of the Situational Dialog Function and Development of Learning Materials for a Japanese Dictogloss Environment Satoru Kogure, Kaito Okugawa, Yasuhiro Noguchi, Tatsuhiro Konishi, Makoto Kondo and Yukihiro Itoh
Semantically Enhanced Gaze-aware Historical Cartoons to Encourage Historical Interpretation Daiki Muroya, Yuki Hayashi and Kazuhisa Seta
Developing a Geometric Proof Problem-Solving Support System Utilizing Card Selection Megumi Kurayama
Analyzing Novice Programmers' EEG Signals using Unsupervised Algorithms Vanlalhruaii Swansi, Tita Herradura,and Merlin Suarez
Evaluation of Mathematics Knowledge Level through Personalized Learning Exercise based on the Adaptive Tests Yan Liu, Chuxin Fu and Xiaoqing Gu
C2: Computer-supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) and Learning Sciences
Discovering Dynamics of an Idea Pipeline: Understanding Idea Development within a Knowledge Building Discourse Alwyn Vwen Yen Lee and Seng Chee Tan
Using CSCL to Conceptualize Disability Toward Inclusive Education Design Christopher P. Ostrowski
Measuring Process and Outcome of the Scientific Argumentation in a CSCL Environment Wenli Chen and Chee Kit Looi
Case-based Portraits of Contrasting Micro-Interaction Processes During Online Assessment of Collaborative Problem Solving Johanna Pöysä-Tarhonen, Esther Care, Nafisa Awwal and Päivi Häkkinen
DBCollab: Automated Feedback for Face-to-Face Group Database Design Vanessa Echeverria, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Katherine Chiluiza and Simon Buckingham Shum
Examining Student Learning of Engineering Estimation from METTLE Aditi Kothiyal and Sahana Murthy
Social Media Facilitated Group Performance: An Investigation of Tie Strength in Grouping Cong Qi
Impact of Both Prior Knowledge and Acquaintanceship on Collaboration and Performance: A Pair Program Tracing and Debugging Eye-Tracking Experiment Maureen Villamor and Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo
A Toolkit for Action: Translating Theory into Practice Lucila Carvalho and Pippa Yeoman
Exploratory Analysis of Discourses between Students Engaged in a Debugging Task Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo
Analyzing a Practical Implementation of Training Metacognition through Solving Mathematical Word Problems Tama Duangnamol, Thepchai Supnithi, Gun Srijuntongsiri and Mitsuru Ikeda
Designing the EMBeRS Summer School: Connecting Stakeholders in Learning, Teaching and Research Kate Thompson, Antje Danielson, David Gosselin, Simon Knight, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Roderic Parnell, Deana Pennington, Julia Svoboda-Gouvea, Shirley Vincent and Penny Wheeler
Why Learners Fail in MOOCs? Investigating the Interplay of Online Academic Hardiness and Learning Engagement among MOOCs Learners Tonny Meng-Lun Kuo, Chin-Chung Tsai and Jyun-Cheng Wang
Toddlers Testing DDMM: Evaluation Results and Ideas towards Creating Better Learning Environments for Small Children Christine Steinmeier and Dominic Becking
Effects of Peer Interaction on Web-Based Computer Programming Learning Nuttaphat Arunoprayoch, Chih-Hung Lai, Pham-Duc Tho and Jing-San Liang
Exploring Lag Times in a Pair Tracing and Debugging Eye-Tracking Experiment Maureen Villamor and Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo
The Research of Interaction Performance of Intercultural Communication in Computer-supported Collaborative Learning Yi Wei, Li-Jie Wu and Yi-Ling Hu
Collaborative Learning in Elementary Science Supported by Learning by Inquiry and Augmented Reality Sie Wai Chew, I-Hsiu Lin, Kinshuk and Nian-Shing Chen
Collaborative Inductive Problem Solving Using an ICT Tool in an Elementary Science Classroom Hirokazu Kawano and Shu Matsuura
The Design of a Portfolio-Based Reading Conversation Platform Tzu-Chao Chien, Zhi-Hong Chen and Tak-Wai Chan
Improving Reading Comprehension using the Cooperative Mind Mapping Summary Strategy Gloria Yi-Ming Kao, Ju-I Cheng and Chin-Chung Tsai
C3: Advanced Learning Technologies (ALT), Learning Analytics and Digital Infrastructure
Resource Description Framework (RDF) Models for Representing the Revision Process in Research Support Systems Harriet Ocharo and Shinobu Hasegawa
Extracting Implicit Suggestions from Students' Comments - A Text Analytics Approach Venky Shankararaman, Swapna Gottipati and Jeff Lin Rongsheng
Semi-Discovery Learning Support System for Analogical Reasoning in High-School Physics Yasuhiro Noguchi, Takeshi Enokida, Tatsuhiro Konishi and Yukihiro Itoh
Using Data Analytics for Discovering Library Resource Insights - Case from Singapore Management University Lu Ning, Song Rui, Dina Heng Lie Gwek, Swapna Gottipati and Aaron TAY
An Educational Support System based on Automatic Impasse Detection in Programming Exercises Koichi Yamashita, Takumi Sugiyama, Satoru Kogure, Yasuhiro Noguchi, Tatsuhiro Konishi and Yukihiro Itoh
A Bibliometric Analysis of 15 Years of Research on Open Educational Resources Xiaochen Wang, Mengrong Liu, Qianhui Li and Yuan Gao
Design and Implementation of a Pedagogic Intervention Using Writing Analytics Antonette Shibani, Simon Knight, Simon Buckingham Shum and Philippa Ryan
Multimodal Interaction Aware Platform for Collaborative Learning Aoi Sugimoto, Yuki Hayashi and Kazuhisa Seta
Using Network-Text Analysis to Characterise Learner Engagement in Active Video Watching Tobias Hecking, Vania Dimitrova, Antonija Mitrovic and H. Ulrich Hoppe
Synergizing Online Group Knowledge Yen-An Shih and Ben Chang
A Presentation Avatar for Self-Review Keisuke Inazawa and Akihiro Kashihara
Cognitive Investigation of Dynamic Educational Presentation toward Better Utilization of Presentation Characteristics Yasuhisa Okazaki and Atsushi Yoshikawa
The Journey to Improve Teaching Computer Graphics: A Systematic Review Thomas Suselo, Burkhard Wuensche and Andrew Luxton-Reilly
Designing a "Three Rings" Theory Framework for Electronic Schoolbag Baoyuan Yin, Fati Wu, Shihua Huang and Shan Jia
Interaction between Standardisation and Research in Drafting an International Specification on Learning Analytics Tore Hoel and Weiqin Chen
An Evaluation of Elementary Students' Ability of Problem Solving in Information Processing Lishan Zhang, Jing Wang, Zijun Zhuang and Baoping Li
Algorithm Learning by Comparing Visualized Behavior of Programs Daiki Ihara, Satoru Kogure, Yasuhiro Noguchi, Koichi Yamashita, Tatsuhiro Konishi and Yukihiro Itoh
Analyzing the E-learning Video Environment Requirements of Generation Z Students using Echo360 Platform Swapna Gottipati and Venky Shankararaman
Train-For-Life: On-Line Interactive Training for Industry Learners Bashar Barmada and Nilufar Baghaei
Detect Students' Academic Emotions in Classroom: Measurement, Self-perception and Manifested Behaviors Yan Liu, Menghua Hu and Xiaoqing Gu
Authoring Tool: a Collaborative Web Tool for eBooks Creation Dilson Rabelo, Ana Emilia Oliveira, Carla Spinillo, Aldrea Rabelo and R“mulo Fran‡aand Yukihiro Itoh
Observing the Degree of Distortion in Coordinated Motor Actions Takehiko Yoshikawa, Kohta Sugawara, Kenji Matsuura, Stephen Karungaru and Naka Gotoda
Learning Environment for Recursive Functions by Visualization of Execution Process Raiya Yamamoto, Yasuhiro Anzai, Satoru Kogure, Yasuhiro Noguchi, Koichi Yamashita, Tatsuhiro Konishi and Yukihiro Itoh
Can Distributed Practice Improve Students' Efficacy in Learning their First Programming Language? Qiujie Zhang, Lishan Zhang, Baoping Li, Ling Chen, I-Han Hsiao and Fati Wu
Cross Analytics of Student and Course Activities from e-Book Operation Logs Atsushi Shimada and Shin'Ichi Konomi
Students' Performance Prediction Using Data of Multiple Courses by Recurrent Neural Network Fumiya Okubo, Takayoshi Yamashita, Atsushi Shimada and Shinichi Konomi
A Case Study of Interactive Learning Environment for Building Structure of Arithmetic Word Problem in Language Delay Sho Yamamoto and Tsukasa Hirashima
A Learning Support System for Integrated Motor Skill by Organized Training Stages Kohta Sugawara, Takehiko Yoshikawa, Kenji Matsuura, Stephen Karungaru and Naka Gotoda
Enhancing Students' Critical Reading Fluency, Engagement and Self-Efficacy using Self-Referenced Learning Analytics Dashboard Visualizations Christin Jonathan, Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan, Elizabeth Koh, Imelda Caleon and Siu Hua Tay
Coloring Strategy Combined with Three-Dimensional Animation: Does the Mental Strategy Fits Everyone? Jiayu Chu, Yiling Hu, Shiyu Wang and Xiaoqing Gu
Development of Alternative Conception Diagnostic System based on Item Response Theory in MOOCs Yu-Cheng Cheng, Jian-Wei Tzeng, Nen-Fu Huang, Chia-An Lee and Meng-Lun Kuo
Capturing Changes and Variations from Teachers' Time Series Usage Data Longwei Zheng, Rui Shi and Xiaoqing Gu
TGlass: A Custom-made Wearable Promoting Accessibility for Tetraplegic Maikon Soares, Felipe Bede, Thiago Araujo, Daniel Cavalcante, Adriano Freitas, Zuila Carvalho and Francisco Oliveira
Augmented Reality based Learning Support System for Mental Rotation Midori Nakano, Yukihiro Matsubara, Masaru Okamoto and Noriyuki Iwane
Monitoring System to Help an e-Learning Institution to Manage Tutors and Student Data Retrieved from Moodle Elza Monier, Fatima Gatinho, Ana Emilia Oliveira, Aldrea Rabelo and Romulo Martins
A Study on Prediction of Academic Performance based on Current Learning Records of a Language Class using Blended Learning Byron Sanchez, Xiumin Zhao, Takashi Mitsuishi and Terumasa Aoki
The Development of a Simulation to Support Authentic Observation in Precipitation Reaction Chang Youn Lee and Hun-Gi Hong
Kanji Learning Support with Feedback based on Haptic and Pseudo-Haptic Takanori Kono, Yukihiro Matsubara and Masaru Okamoto
Discourse Analysis of Teachers' Commentary on Students Rui Shi, Longwei Zheng and Xiaoqing Gu
Discovering Teachers' In-Class ICT Usage With Frequent Closed Sequence Mining Bingcong Wu, Longwei Zheng and Xiaoqing Gu
Support for the Cycle of Task Extraction, Goal Setting and Assessment in Research Activities Shigeki Ohira, Naoya Morita and Katashi Nagao
AR-based Inorganic Chemistry Learning Support System using Mobile HMD Masaru Okamoto, Tsukasa Ishimura and Yukihiro Matsubara
Analysis on Students' Usage of Highlighters on E-textbooks in Classroom Yuta Taniguchi, Fumiya Okubo, Atsushi Shimada and Shinichi Konomi
A Taxonomy for Teacher-Actionable Insights in Learning Analytics Elizabeth Koh and Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan
C4: Classroom, Ubiquitous, and Mobile Technologies Enhanced Learning (CUMTEL)
System Architecture and Predictive Experiment for an Automatic Learning Support Function on Classroom Response Systems Kozo Mizutani
Enhancing Seamless Learning Using Learning Log System Noriko Uosaki, Hiroaki Ogata and Kousuke Mouri
Students' Participative Stances and Knowledge Construction in Small Group Collaborative Learning with Mobile Instant Messaging Facilitation Ying Tang, Khe Foon Hew and Gaowei Chen
Learning Behavioral Pattern Analysis based on Students' Logs in Reading Digital Books  
A Case Study of Evaluation of Learners' Acceptance of AR_H2O2 System Tao Wang, Shan Jia, Jinrui Dai, Manli Lu, Su Cai and Feng-Kuang Chiang
An Empirical Case on Integration of Immersive Virtual Environment into Primary School Science Class Jian Sun, Hao Li, Zhanhao Liu, Su Cai and Xiaowen Li
Online Synchronous Discussion in Face-to-Face Classroom Based on WeChat Manli Lu, Guang Chen and Shuxian Ouyang
Teachers' Concerns about Adopting Interactive Spherical Video-based Virtual Reality Jie Geng, Tsun Hin Eric Luk and Siu Yung Morris Jong
How Designer Think About Designing an Augmented Reality App for the Study of Central Nervous System Fadzil Saleh Mohamad Rofie and Mas Nida Md. Khambari
A Comparison of Different Types of Learning Activities in a Mobile Python Tutor Geela Venise Firmalo Fabic, Antonija Mitrovic and Kourosh Neshatian
A Case study of Young Children's Use of iPad for Digital Storytelling for a Study of Self  
Online Responses towards the Impact of Hand Held Devices on Children's Social and Emotional Development Gretchen Geng and Leigh Disney
Applying Pedagogy to the Design of Software for Helping Students Learn Equation Solving Daphne Robson
The Development of Mobile Learning CPD Modules to Improve the Management of Respiratory Diseases Georgina Orsborn, Teresa Demetriou, Kerri Arcus and Elizabeth Asbury
The Effectiveness of Media Platforms on Reading Comprehension: A Meta-analysis Bing Xu, Guang Chen, Yuting Sun and Ronghuai Huang
Explore the Impact of Collaborative Tendencies in the Flipped Classroom on Taking Basketball Teaching Tosti H. C. Chiang
Teaching Influence for Perceived Usefulness of Interactive Whiteboard - Based on the Perspective of College Students Peng Zhou, Zhexu Liu and Jian Xu
Designing Boundary Activity for Mobile Learning in Science Inquiry Daner Sun and Chee-Kit Looi
Responsive eBook based on the Principles of Educational Interfaces Ana Emilia Oliveira, Elza Monier, Dilson Rabelo, F tima Gatinho and Aldrea Rabelo
Encouraging System for Teaching Assistants to Advise Students during Programming Exercises Yuuki Yokoyama and Hironori Egi
Improving Primary Students' Problem Solving Skills in Science Learning in a Seamless Learning Environment Yanjie Song and Ka Man Lung
Blockino: a Tool with an Emphasis on Educational Robotics Assisting the Teaching of Programming Logic Higo Sampaio, Mauro Silva, Aldrea Rabelo, Carla Marques and Marcelo Monier
Effects of Prior Knowledge of High Achievers on Use of e-Book Highlights and Annotations Misato Oi, Fumiya Okubo, Yuta Taniguchi, Masanori Yamada and Shin'Ichi Konomi
Promoting Extrinsic Motivation Based on Result of LMS Quiz Yasutaka Asai and Hironori Egi
An Electronic ID System Using a Smart Phone Jaewook Kim, Takashi Tachino and Yasuhito Kishi
Social Network Analysis of Teacher's Role in Students' Online Discussion Community Chih-Ming Chu
Exploring the Nature of Teacher's Ongoing Feedback to Pupil using iPad Weiyun Chen, Yaofeng Xue and Xiaoqing Gu
Development of a Community-based Hazard Information Sharing System for Traditional Towns with Local Heritage Shun Kozaki, Yasuhisa Okazaki, Hiroshi Wakuya, Yukuo Hayashida, Byung-Won Min and Nobuo Mishima
Educational Effectiveness of a System for Scientific Observation of Animals in a Zoo Yui Tanaka, Ryohei Egusa, Yuuki Dobashi, Fusako Kusunoki, Etsuji Yamaguchi, Shigenori Inagaki and Tomoyuki Nogami
Leveraging an Existing Learning Management System for Alternative Learning Mikaela Malit and Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo
Providing Regular Assessments and Earlier Feedback on Moodle in an Introductory Computer Science Course: A User Study Natalia Nehring, Simon Dacey and Nilufar Baghaei
Study on Implementing Automated Classroom Performance System for Recording Student Attendance Daniel Mangalaraj and Shankar Subramanian
Stream-based Reasoning for IoT Applications on Domain Education Marcelo Alves Junior, Francisco Silva, Markus Endler, Vitor Almeida and Higo Sampaio
A Meta Analysis: The Effectiveness of E-Schoolbag Use on Students' Academic Achievement in China Menghua Hu and Yiling Hu
Real-time Analysis of Digital Textbooks: What Keywords Make Lecture Difficult? Kousuke Mouri, Atsushi Shimada, Chengjiu Yin, Uosaki Noriko, Vachirawit Tengchaisri and Keiichi Kaneko
C5: Digital Game and Digital Toy Enhanced Learning and Society (GTEL&S)
Designing an Intervention for Novice Programmers Based On Meaningful Gamification: An Expert Evaluation Jenilyn Agapito and Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo
Virtual Currency as Gamification for Learning in a Disaster Museum to Increase the Number of Revisitors Hiroyuki Mitsuhara and Masami Shishibori
Go Kahoot! Enriching Classroom Engagement, Motivation and Learning Experience with Games Sherlock Licorish, Jade Li George, Helen Owen and Ben Daniel
JobStar Online: Game-Based Learning on Smartphones to Promote Youth Career Education Toru Fujimoto, Yuki Fukuyama, Satoko Azami and Satoru Konno
Sufficiency Economy Philosophy-Based Mobile Game Application to Promoting Sustainability Understanding based on Inquiry Learning with Everyday Life Activities Charoenchai Wongwatkit, Muttakeen Che-Leah, Sasithorn Chookaew, Jintana Wongta, Chitphon Yachulawetkunakorn and Ratthakarn Na Phatthalung
The Digital Interactive Learning Theater in the Classroom for Drama-based Learning Yu-Tzu Liu, Shang-Chiao Lin, Wei-Yi Wu and Gwo-Dong Chen
Learning Support System for Museum exhibits using Complex Body Movements --Enhancing Sense of Immersion in Paleontological Environment Mikihiro Tokuoka, Hiroshi Mizoguchi, Ryohei Egusa, Shigenori Inagaki, Fusako Kusunoki and Masanori Sugimoto
SATOYAMA: Simulating and Teaching Game Optimal for Young Children to Learn Vegetation Succession as Management of an Actual Forest Shuya Kawaguchi, Hiroshi Mizoguchi, Ryohei Egusa, Yoshiaki Takeda, Etsuji Yamaguchi, Shigenori Inagaki, Fusako Kusunoki, Hideo Funaoi and Masanori Sugimoto
Muse: A Musically Inspired Game To Teach Arrays and Linked Lists Vaishali Sharma, Raghib Musarrat, Sridhar Chimalakonda and Y Raghu Reddy
Healthy Kidney: An Educational Game for Health Awareness Sanda Hammedi, Fathi Essalmi and Maiga Chang
The Effects of SDE Strategy-based Computer Games on Metacognitive Awareness Kai-Hsiang Yang, Chin-Yen Lu and Bou-Chan Lu
Scaffolding Historical Inquiry through a Collaborative Maker-based Activity Benjamin Lille and Margarida Romero
A Study of Design Thinking Adaptation for Maker Education Process Peng Chen, Ding Li and Ronghuai Huang
A POE Strategy-Based Gaming Approach for Mathematics Learning Kai-Hsiang Yang, Hsiao-Hua Chen and Bou-Chuan Lu
Probing in-service Teachers' Perceptions on TPACK-G and Acceptance of GBL Chung-Yuan Hsu, Jyh-Chong Liang, Ching Sing Chai and Chin-Chung Tsai
Game-based Narrative System for Student English Learning Zhi-Hong Chen
Exploring Teachers' Pedagogical Design Thinking in Game-based Learning Mingfong Jan, Wan-Lin Yang and Michael Thomas
C6: Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL)
Can Conversational Agents Foster Learners' Willingness To Communicate in a Second Language : Effects of Communication Strategies and Affective Backchannels Emmanuel Ayedoun, Yuki Hayashi and Kazuhisa Seta
Multimodality in Language Education - Exploring the Boundaries of Digital Texts Anna-Lena Godhe and Petra Magnusson
Effectiveness of a Learning Design Combining Summary-speaking Self-study Using Mobile Application with Paired Reflection on Learners' Speaking Process Kae Nakaya and Masao Murota
Discussion Course Model Using Online Educational Resources to Enhance EFL Learners' Motivation and Critical Thinking Yuichi Ono and Ai Nakajima
Reading for Emotion with ICT Tools Ania Lian
Automatic Classification of Teacher Feedback and Its Potential Applications for EFL Writing Gary Cheng, Shu-Mei Gloria Chwo, Julia Chen, Dennis Foung, Vincent Lam and Michael Tom
Automatic Question Generation System for English Exercise for Secondary Students Tasanawan Soonklang, Sunee Pongpinigpinyo, Weenawadee Muangon and Sirak Kaewjamnong Sugimoto
Student Engagement with an Online Pre-enrolment English Course at a Japanese University Adam Smith and Andrew Johnson
Captioning Methods of Lecture Videos for Learning in English Veri Ferdiansyah and Seiichi Nakagawa
Using Learning Analytics to Support Computer-Assisted Language Learning Huiyong Li, Hiroaki Ogata, Tomoyuki Tsuchiya, Yubun Suzuki, Satoru Uchida, Hiroshi Ohashi and Shin'Ichi Konomi
An Approach to Accent Visualisation for the Reduction of Vowel Pronunciation Errors Tom Anderson, Barry Reynolds and David Powers
Chinese Grammatical Error Detection Using a CNN-LSTM Model Lung-Hao Lee, Bo-Lin Lin, Liang-Chih Yu and Yuen-Hsien Tseng
Global Collaborative Learning Support System for Facilitator Collaboration: First Phase Development Report Yoshiko Goda, Masanori Yamada, Yumi Ishige and Junko Handa
A Telexistence Robot combing with Virtual Reality for Teaching English Wen-Chi Vivian Wu, Tosh Yamamoto, Cheng-Hao Hu and Rong-Jyue Wang
Integration of Peer Assessment and Shadowing Strategies for Improving the Oral Performance of EFL Learners Siao-Cing Guo and Ting-Chia Hsu
Effect Analysis of Students' Learning Styles on Learning Experience with Lecture Videos Played at Different Playback Speeds Toru Nagahama and Yusuke Morita
Word Error Rate as a Listenability Index for Learners of English as a Foreign Language Katsunori Kotani and Takehiko Yoshimi
C7: Practice-driven Research, Teacher Professional Development and Policy of ICT in Education (PTP)
Science Teachers' Engagement with ICT in Singapore: Different Perspectives Aik Ling Tan and Seng Chee Tan
Participation and Psychological Ownership on Teachers' Beliefs of a Cloud-Based VLE Joanne Sau-Ching Yim, Priscilla Moses and Alia Azalea
A Learning Support Method to Raise Awareness of the Knowledge-to-Action Gap in Information Ethics Koji Tanaka, Honomi Miwa, Mitsuru Ikeda and Masahiro Hori
An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of ICT Application: A Large Scale Survey for Middle and Primary Schools in China Wei Wang and Chun Lu
PIVOTeeING: A Flipped Approach in a Postgraduate Solid State Devices Course Lakshmi T G, Soumya Narayana, Harshavardhan Penugonda, Dhirendra Vaidya, Vishvendra Poonia, Swaroop Ganguly and Sahana Murthy
Computational Thinking Development through Programmable Robotics Activities in STEM Education in Primary Schools Siu-Cheung Kong and Chan-Chio Lao
Designing Mobile Applications for Improving Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Pedagogy Lou Reddy and Nilufar Baghaei
Teachers' Perception of IT in Science Education Der-Thanq Chen and Wenjin Bo
Surveying Indonesian Teachers' Design Belief and TPACK for 21st Century Oriented Learning Ching Sing Chai, Joyce Koh, Uma Natarajan, Pei-Shan Tsai, Murni Ramli and Ari Widodo
Supporting Learning by Doing in a Work-process-oriented Curriculum Yongwu Miao and Ulrich Hoppe
Developing Pre-service Teachers' 21st Century Teaching Competencies via Digital Storytelling Wan-Lin Yang
Current Situation of Chinese Primary and Secondary Innovative Teachers' Evaluation in Maker Classes Jun-Hao Shan and Shuai-Shuai Li
Students' In-Class Answering Activities on Facebook: Effects on Participation, Learning Satisfaction and Anxiety Yu-Hsin Liu and Fu-Yun Yu
Student-Generated Feedback for Online Student-Generated Multiple-Choice Questions: Effects on Question-Generation Performance and Perspective-Taking Development Fu-Yun Yu and Wan-Shan Wu
Training System for Puncture Operation Force Adjustment in Hemodialysis Ren Kanehira, Kazunori Yamazaki and Hideo Fujimoto
Mobile Learning in Higher Education in Sudan Adam Tairab, Huang Ronghuai, Mohannad Taha and Kirk Perris
Close Reading of Science Texts with Online Annotations Guillaume Schiltz, Sarah Frederickx and Norman Sieroka
A Secular Trend Analysis of the Effects of Using ICT in University Education Yasuhiko Tsuji, Rieko Inaba, Mieko Takahira and Mana Taguchi
Early Career Research Paper
The Role of a Technology and a Classroom Activity for Improving EFL Learners' Oral Performance Kae Nakaya