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Workshop W1: The Applications of Information and Communication Technologies in Adult and Continuing Education
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The Relationships between Teachers' TPACK-R and Teaching Beliefs of Robots Yuan-Kai CHU, Meng-Jung TSAI , Jyh-Chong LIANG & Chin-Chung TSAI
A Study on Illustration Design in Learning Infant Development Li-En LIE, An-Hsuan WU, Po-Fen HSU & Meng-Jung TSAI
Speaking-related Anxiety in Computer-Assisted Language Testing Settings Lingyu XU, Xin ZHAO, Chunping ZHENG & Zhihong LU
Analysis of Educational Research Using CiteSpace Applications in CSSCI Journals (2012-2016) Zixi WANG, Yang LIU, Mengya GAO, Jia XI & Chunping ZHENG
The Relationships of Taiwanese College Students' Conceptions, Approaches, and Self-efficacy to Learning Civil Engineering in a Flipped Classroom Meilun SHIH, Yi-Nan HUANG, Jyh-Chong LIANG, Min-Hsien LEE & Silvia Wen-Yu LEE
Pre-Testing the Chinese Version of the System Usability Scale (C-SUS) Feng-Ru SHEU, Hui-Jung FU & Meilun SHIH
Pre-service Teachers' Conceptions of Teaching using Mobile Devices Pei-Shan TSAI, Chin-Chung TSAI & Ching Sing CHAI
Workshop W2: Digital Game-based Learning and Gamification Instructional Strategies for K-12 Schools
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A Science History Educational Board Game with Augmented Reality Integrating Collaborative Problem Solving and Scaffolding Strategies Shu-Ming WANG, Kuan-Ting CHEN, Huei-Tse HOU, Cheng-Tai LI
A Preliminary Study of Implementing an Interactive Learning Game Story Book Mobile App on Science and Technology for Primary School Students Meng-Yu TSAI, Shelley Shwu-Ching YOUNG & Jun-Ming SU
Using English Learning Toys as the Emotional Analysis Tool to Evaluate Children Behavior Ru-Shan CHEN, Shian-Chi MENG, Wei-Kuang HO, Chih-Hsuan TSUI, Wei-Fan CHEN & ShengChih CHEN
A Case Study of Curriculum-Based Game Design for K-12 Fan ZOU
A Preliminary Study Of A Digital Game System To Support Mathematics Learning: Using Circle and Compound Shapes As An Example Yi-Tien HSU & Shelley Shwu-Ching YOUNG
Learning with Minecraft and Kodu: Examining Complex Problem-Solving Strategies Hyo-Jeong SO, Matthew GAYDOS, Minhwi SEO, Yeonji JUNG & Hyeran LEE
Study of Game-based Learning upon Flow Experience: An Example of Mobile App System for Visit Historical Monuments Chih-Ming CHU
Workshop W3: The 6th Workshop on ICT Trends in Emerging Economies (WICTTEE 2017)
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The Implementation of Instructional Innovations and Assistive Technologies in Emerging Developing Countries within the Asia-Pacific Region Mas Nida MD KHAMBARI & Niwat SRISAWASDI
The Effect of Think-Pair-Share Cooperative Learning Model Assisted With ICT on Mathematical Problem Solving Ability among Junior High School Students Khoerul UMAM, SUSWANDARI, Nur ASIAH, Indri Trisno WIBOWO & Syaiful ROHIM
A PBL-based Professional Development Framework to Incorporating Vocational Teachers in Thailand: Perceptions and Guidelines from Training Workshop Sasithorn CHOOKAEW, Charoenchai WONGWATKIT & Suppachai HOWIMANPORN
Motivation towards Mathematics Learning in the Technology-enhanced Environment Shu Ling WONG & Su Luan WONG
What Influence Teachers' Satisfaction Towards E-Learning? A Synthesis of the Literature Mei Lick CHEOK, Su Luan WONG, Mohd Ayub AHMAD FAUZI & Mahmud ROSNAINI
Teacher Identity: Influence of Emerging Trends Arit UYOUKO, Sylvester Dominic UDO & Doris Godwin ASUQUO
Transfer of Ownership: Designing for Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Jayakrishnan WARRIEM, Sahana MURTHY & Sridhar IYER
An Investigation of Collaborative Ubiquitous Learning in Promoting Socio-Cultural Knowledge and Skills in 21st Century: Integrating History, Geography, Architecture, Science and Culture Study Chitphon YACHULAWETKUNAKORN, Ratthakarn NA PHATTHALUNG, Jintana WONGTA & Charoenchai WONGWATKIT
Fostering Pre-service Science Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Mobile Laboratory Learning in Science Phattaraporn PONDEE, Sasivimol PREMTHAISONG & Niwat SRISAWASDI
An Emic Perspective on Students' Learning Experiences Using Augmented Reality Fariza KHALID & Su Luan WONG
Workshop W4: Information and Communication Technology for Disaster and Safety Education (ICTDSE)
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Prototyping of Community-based Hazard Mapping Support System for Traditional Towns with Local Heritage Yasuhisa OKAZAKI, Shun KOZAKI, Sho MATSUO, Hiroshi WAKUYA, Nobuo MISHIMA, Yukuo HAYASHIDA, Byung-Won MIN
The Role of Serious Games in Disaster and Safety Education: An Integrative Review Didin WAHYUDIN & Shinobu HASEGAWA
Earthquake Disaster Prevention Learning Approach in Japan Combining Fieldwork Survey Learning and Evacuation Drill Training Hisashi HATAKEYAMA, Masahiro NAGAI & Masao MUROTA
Disaster Prevention Learning by Karuta Game to Facilitate Understanding Relations Between Unsafe and Safe Behaviors Yuichi KITAGAWA, Kengo KUWAHARA, Koji TANAKA, Mitsuru IKEDA & Masahiro HORI
War from the Perspective of Both Offenders and Victims: Lesson Plan Proposal using VR Learning Materials Norio SETOZAKI & Toru NAGAHAMA
Workshop W5: Innovative Design of Learning Space
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The Impact of Prior Knowledge on the Usability Evaluation of a Competitive Game-Based Learning System Including Item Bank Gwo-Haur HWANG, Beyin CHEN, Ru-Shan CHEN, Yu-Ling LAI, You-Hong SU & Ya-Han CAO
Effects of concept map based cooperative peer assessment system on students' learning outcomes on programming Ya-Jing YU, Po-Han WU & Yu-Sheng SU
Exploring the primary school children's air pollution environmental education learning effectiveness and air quality protection intention through augmented reality material and air quality monitor instrument Yi-Wen LIAO & Min-Chai HSIEH
Cultivating Interest in History and Culture using Augmented Reality for Elementary Students Sie Wai CHEW, I-Hsiu LIN, Yin-Cheng HUANG & Nian-Shing CHEN
The Study on the Application in the Combination of Pervasive Gaming and Augmented Reality in the Temple Tour for Users with Different Cognitive Styles Yu-Hsuan LIN, Hao-Chiang Koong LIN & I-Cheng LIO
Using Brainwave to Measure and Explore the Correlation between Attention and Cognitive Load Shu-Chen CHENG, Yu-Ping CHENG, Yi-Lin CHEN & Yueh-Min HUANG
Workshop W6: The 8th Workshop on Innovative Designs for Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning: 1:1 and Beyond
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On Technology Awareness and Acceptance among Preschool English Language Teachers in Ukraine Olha DALTE, Jing LENG & Xiaoqing GU
C2FIP: A Design Framework for Streamlining ICT-Enhanced Seamless Science Learning for Wider Diffusion in Primary Schools Lung-Hsiang WONG, Chee-Kit LOOI & Su Fen GOH
Investigating the Attitude of Teachers and Parents in the Internet era: A Case Study of Preschoolers' Use of Mobile Devices to learn English in a Class of Shanghai Kindergarten Rifa GUO, Chuxin FU & Jing LENG
A Cloud-based Awareness Classroom Learning Activity Portfolio System Based on iBeacon for Flipped Classroom Hung-Hsu TSAI, You-Ming YONG, Jie-Yan PENG, Kuo-Ching CHIOU & Pao-Ta YU
Language Learning with Mobiles, Social Media and Gamification in Mongolia: Possibilities and Challenges Hyo-Jeong SO, Christine SHIN, Lung Hsiang WONG, Minhwi SEO & Bolor DAVAASUREN
A BYOD Hybrid Learning Approach to Incorporating The In-Field Social Study based on Guided Inquiry Learning Strategy: Design and Evaluation of Enjoy The Field Trip Ever Project (EFTE) Ratthakarn NA PHATTHALUNG, Charoenchai WONGWATKIT, Jintana WONGTA, Chitphon YACHULAWETKUNAKORN & Chayanuch WATTHANA
Workshop W7: The 4th Workshop on Learning Analytics (LA): Improving learning and its contexts - developing a learning analytics agenda for our community
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Teacher-actionable insights in student engagement: A learning analytics taxonomy Elizabeth KOH & Jennifer Pei-Ling TAN
Design of a Learning Analytics Dashboard Based on Digital Textbooks and Online Learning Yun-Gon PARK, Yong-Sang CHO, Jeong-Eun SON
A Study on Capturing Learning Data from Virtual and Mixed Reality Contents Through Data Collection API Jeong-Eun SON & Yong-Sang CHO
Virtual and Mixed Reality for Students: How to Control Human Factors Hyojeong LEE & Yong-Sang CHO
Integration of Learning Analytics Research and Production Systems While Protecting Privacy Brendan FLANAGAN & Hiroaki OGATA
Requirements for Learning Analytics in Flipped Learning Byung-gi CHOI, Wooin BAE, Jaeho LEE
Workshop W8: Nurturing Lifelong Interest-Driven Creators (IDC)
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Applying Interest Loop to Develop Game-based Model for Chinese Character Learning Zhi-Hong CHEN, Pei-Yun CHI, Huei-Jhen CIOU
Cultivating Students' Writing Habit in a Game-based Learning Environment Calvin C. Y. LIAO, Wan-Chen CHANG, Hercy N. H. CHENG & Tak-Wai CHAN
Creation Loop Example of IDC Theory: Ben CHANG, Yen-An SHIH & Tzu-Chen HUANG
Minecraft as a Sandbox for STEM Interest Development: Preliminary Results H. Chad LANE, Sherry YI, Brian GUERRERO & Neil COMINS
Workshop W9: Promoting cognitive access, processes and knowledge building towards deeper learning and creativity
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Improving Jakarta Historical Understanding Ability through Inquiry Learning Model Assisted With ICT Among Junior High School Students SUSWANDARI, Laely ARMIYATI, Khoerul UMAM, Nur ASIAH, Eka Nana SUSANTI
Using 2D Simulation Applications to Motivate Students to Learn STEAM Tercia-Marie Tafadzwa TEMBO & Chien-Sing LEE
Creation Process in Design Research Class Weng Ping CHIN, Ah Choo KOO, Chee Weng KHONG & Chui Yin WONG
The Missing Link in Engineering Education: The Arts and Humanities David E. DREW & Louis L. BUCCIARELLI
Exploring possibilities for synergizing embodied, embedded and extended cognition: Implications to STEM Education Chien-Sing LEE
Workshop W10: The 10th Workshop on Technology Enhanced Learning by Posing/Solving Problems/Questions
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Design and Development of an Online System in Support of Teaching-by-Questioning in Classrooms Yu-Hsin LIU & Fu-Yun YU
Preliminary Study on Learning by Constructing a Cognitive Model Based on Problem-Solving Processes Kazuaki KOJIMA, Kazuhisa MIWA, Ryuichi NAKAIKE, Nana KANZAKI, Hitoshi TERAI, Jun'ya MORITA, Hitomi SAITO & Miki MATSUMURO
The Effects of Cognitive Styles on Problem Solving in the Context of English Logics Yu-Fen TSENG, Sherry Y. CHEN
An Experimental Investigation on Using Pedagogical Conversational Agents: Effects of Posing Facilitation Prompts in Oral-Based Peer Learning Yugo HAYASHI
A Learning Support System for Mathematics with Visualization of Errors in Symbolic Expression by mapping to Graphical Expression Kai KUROKAWA, Takahito TOMOTO, Tomoya HORIGUCHI & Tsukasa HIRASHIMA
Proposal of a Stepwise Support for Structural Understanding in Programming Kento KOIKE, Takahito TOMOTO & Tsukasa HIRASHIMA
Enhancing Metacognitive Inference Activities Using Eye-movements on One's Academic Paper Ryo OGINO, Yuki HAYASHI & Kazuhisa SETA
A Case Study of Learning Environment for Building Structures for Learners with Reading Disabilities Based on Cognitive Load Theory Sho YAMAMOTO & Tsukasa HIRASHIMA
Development and Experimental Evaluation of An Interactive Reading Application Designed For Comprehensibility And Interest Pedro Gabriel Fonteles FURTADO, Tsukasa HIRASHIMA, Yusuke HAYASHI
Workshop W12: The 5th Workshop on Technology-Enhanced STEM Education (TeSTEM)
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A STEM Robotics Workshop to Promote Computational Thinking Process of Pre-Engineering Students in Thailand: STEMRobot Santi HUTAMARN, Sasithorn CHOOKAEW, Charoenchai WONGWATKIT, Suppachai HOWIMANPORN, Tarinee TONGGEOD & Sarut PANJAN
Students' Virtual Experiment Behavior Using an Interactive Simulation Hsin-Yi CHANG & Yu-Shan HSIAO
A Quantitative Analysis on Interactive Method Makes Teaching More Scientific Bin LI, Lie-Ming LI & Ying LUO
Analysis of Students' Personalities and Gaming Strategies in a Technology-Enhanced Board Game-The Fragrance Channel Chang-Hsin LIN & Ju-Ling SHIH
The Design and Evaluation of a STEM Interdisciplinary Game-based Learning about the Great Voyage Shu-Hsien HUANG, Chia-Chun TSENG, Ju-Ling SHIH
Adoption of Computer Programming Exercises for Automatic Assessment - Issues and Caution Yuen Tak YU, Chung Man TANG, Chung Keung POON & Jacky Wai KEUNG
Learner's Creative Thinking of Learners Learning with Constructivist Web-Based Learning Environment Model: Integration between Pedagogy and Neuroscience Sumalee CHAIJAROEN, Orawan TECHAPORNPONG & Charuni SAMAT
Developing Interactive Simulation in Physical Science for Eliminating Students' Misunderstanding of Heat Transfer: A DSLM Approach Sureerat SATCHUKORN, Niwat SRISAWASDI
How to link pedagogy, technology and STEM learning? Margus PEDASTE, Äli LEIJEN, Katrin SAKS, Ton de JONG & Denis GILLET
A Flipped Inquiry-based Learning with Mobility to Improving Students' Learning Performance in Science: A Comparative Study Pawat CHAIPIDECH & Niwat SRISAWASDI
Online knowledge-structure-based adaptive science learning: Integrates adaptive dynamic assessment into adaptive learning Chia-Ching LIN, Ying-Tien WU & Teng-Yao CHENG
A Contextual Online Game based on Inquiry Learning Approach for Improving Students' Learning Performance in a Chemistry Course Niwat SRISAWASDI, Nattida NANTAKAEW & Patcharin PANJABUREE
Designing Framework of Constructivist Augmented Reality Web-based Learning Environments to Enhance Creative Thinking for Design and Create Three-Dimensional for Secondary School Phummiphat KLOMWIPHAWAT & Charuni SAMAT
Developing Smartphone-based Hands-on Inquiry Laboratory: Results on Students' Affective Channels of Chemistry Learning Banjong PRASONGSAP & Niwat SRISAWASDI
Workshop W13: ICCE-Smart2017: The New Smarts - But are we Smart Enough?
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Learning to be Data Smart Khalid KHAN & Jon MASON
Validation of Collaborative Problem Solving Process Framework from Evidence of Student Observations for Developing Generic Measures Nafisa AWWAL, Patrick GRIFFIN, Zhonghua ZHANG, Claire SCOULAR, Monjurul ALOM, Daniel JIMENEZ & Mark WILSON