Theme-based Invited Speakers

Prof. Yuichi ONO
University of Tsukuba, Japan
Title: Flipped-classroom course model with ICT support to activate discussion in foreign language classrooms
Research fields:

Foreign language education


There is a general agreement among foreign-language researchers and instructors that course models should meet the requirements of "vigorously changing societies" in the twenty-first century. On the basis of this general agreement, there have been various types of learning paradigms proposed and assumed in order to construct appropriate foreign language course models. In this thematic-based invited talk, I discuss the flipped-classroom course model to enhance discussion course model.
My talk starts with some theoretical backgrounds related to the current research such as Interest-Based Learning, Seamless Learning, Project-Based Learning Skills, Information Literacy Skills, and Foreign Language Anxiety in constructing the proposed course model. I introduce the recent policies set out by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) Japan; the relationship of national curriculum with the so-called one-to-one (one tablet PC to one student) policy.
Secondly, I discuss some merits of utilizing online educational resource (OER); such as YouTube, TED Talks, Kahn Academy, cMOOC/xMOOC, etc, and suggest the potentials to draw learner's willingness to cultivate and deepen their interest through choosing these authentic educational online materials. The learning support system, or quiz generator, to encourage learners nicely to familiarize these authentic materials in terms of vocabulary learning and listening practice is also introduced.
Thirdly, I report some findings of my research concerning Flipped-Classroom Course Model that was implemented to enhance EFL learners' information skills. Specifically, the change of learner's factors such as proficiency, foreign language anxiety, PBL skill awareness are analyzed through the project and how they proceed their learning under the ICT environment within and outside the classroom.
Lastly, my talk concludes that the course model employing ICT-supported Flipped Classroom is successful so far in enhancing interactive activities in the classroom in the sense of active learning and information literacy acquisition, followed by some future implications.